Recomposing the City has supported a wide range of research activities including publications, conference presentations, performances, exhibitions, and symposia. 



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journals (EDITED)

Forthcoming 2017. Evental Aesthetics - Sound Art & Environment.

Please see Call for Papers here.


2016. Journal of Sonic Studies 11 - Recomposing the City: New Directions in Urban Sound Art


conference presentations

Lappin, S. and Martire, A. 'Defying Boundaries: Forum for Alternative Belfast'. Arts and Humanities Research Association. Bristol. 

8 May 2014. Gascia Ouzounian, 'Sound Art as Urban Design'. Beyond Noise and Silence: Listening for the City. Dublin City Council.

2 June 2014. Conor McCafferty, 'Urban Acoustic Cartography: Sound Mapping as a Tool for Participatory Urban Analysis and Pedagogy. Symposium: Sound and the Urban Environment'. ONCA Trust and Gallery, University of Brighton.

11 December 2014. Gascia Ouzounian, **. Flourishing Cities conference. Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. 

23 February 2015. Gascia Ouzounian and Sarah Lappin, 'Soundspace: A Manifesto'. NI Science Festival / Bright Club Belfast. Black Box, Belfast.


Symposia (hosted)

30 May 2014. International Symposium. Queen's University Belfast. 

Colin Ripley, 'Resonances'

Christabel Stirling, 'Tracing the Social Potential of Sound Installation Art, from Bloomsbury to Bow Bells'

Merijn Royaards, 'The Acid House'

Gascia Ouzounian and Sarah Lappin, 'Soundspace: A Manifesto'

Conor McCafferty and Michael Corr, 'Engaging with Architecture through Sound: Perspectives of an Architecture Centre'

Mark Hackett, Declan Hill and Ken Sterrett, 'New Opportunities for Belfast'

Marija Batista, 'Disobeying Sounds Around Us'

Sven Anderson, 'From noise control to urban acoustic design: Exploring civic responses to an activated urban soundscape'

Peter Cusack, 'Berlin Sonic Places'


18 May 2015. Postgraduate Student symposium. queen's university belfast.

Conor McCafferty, 'Mapping Sound Maps: Precedents, Practices, Future Paths'

Andrew Harrison, 'Expressing a Belfast State of Mind: Urban Imaginaries and Sound Art'

Rita Farrell, 'In-Between Spaces: The study of traditional Irish soundscapes in Belfast'

Isobel Anderson, 'Soundmapping Beyond the Grid: Alternative Cartographies of Sound'

Elen Flügge, 'Personal Sound to Public Practice'

Portia Ellis-Woods, '"A map in sound": Developing features programming, as demonstrated in This is Northern Ireland.'

Antonis Stylianou, 'Public Sound Installations'    

Aonghus McEvoy, 'Voices within the Urban Soundspace'

Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles, 'Trigger Place: A game of sound and architecture' 


Seminars (hosted)

11 May 2015. Katherine Fennelly, 'Creating an Institutional Environment: An Archaeology of the Sonic in the Historic Lunatic Asylum'. 

27 March 2015. Jacqueline Waldock, 'Capturing the City: Community Soundscape Composition as an Analysis of Urban Change'.

23 March 2015. Sven Anderson, 'Establishing the Identity of the Urban Acoustic Planner'. Music Building, Queen's University Belfast.

2 March 2015. Rachel Ní Chuinn, 'The Secret Sculpture of Sound'. Music Building, Queen's University Belfast.

16 February 2015. Steve Larkin, 'Sonic Atmosphere as a Contributor to Architecture'. Music Building, Queen's University Belfast.

10 December 2014. Raviv Ganchrow, 'Urban Modes of Listening'. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

24 October 2014. Mara Mills, 'The History of the Optophone'. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

14 May 2014. Brandon LaBelle, 'Overheard, Interrupted: Work.' Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

7 March 2014. Carsten Seiffarth, 'Bonn Hoeren'. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

26 February 2014. Carsten Stabenow, 'Tuned City'. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

9 October 2013. Jacob Kirkegaard, 'A Matter of Sound'. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.


Concerts & performances (HOSTED)

11 December 2014. Raviv Ganchrow, 'Shipping Forecast' (in progress). Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

15 May 2014. Brandon LaBelle, 'Speculations on the Lyrical Imagination of the Resistant, the Lazy and the Hopeful.' Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

10 October 2013. Jacob Kirkegaard, 'Labyrinthitis'. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.



28-30 March 2014. Miguel Negrao and Matilde Meireles, '48 Hz / X Marks the Spot'. Platform Arts, Belfast. Co-presented by PLACE, Platform Arts and Recomposing the City.



11 November 2014. Radio documentary. 'Shape of Sounds to Come', by Rachel Ní Chuinn. RTÉ National Radio, Ireland.