Recomposing the City is a collaborative research group. Our mission is to bring together artists, architects, planners and others in investigating the relationship of sound to urban space. We explore various questions on urban sound through seminars, events, publications, and design projects. Our ultimate aim is to support new design and development projects, and to improve the understanding of sound within architecture studies and architectural practice.


Recomposing The City was founded in 2013 by Gascia Ouzounian (Music, Oxford) and Sarah Lappin (Architecture, Queen's University Belfast). Our project has brought together over two dozen local and international researchers from a variety of disciplines: music and sonic arts, architecture and planning, geography, anthropology, film studies, and creative writing. Since its inception in 2013 Recomposing the City has hosted over twenty concerts and lectures, two symposia, a cross-faculty postgraduate seminar, and several exhibitions. Current projects can be found on our Research and Events pages.

Pre-radar acoustic location device.

Pre-radar acoustic location device.


Recomposing the City has supported the following activities: